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Who we are is maintained by a group of individuals with strong connections to the health and beauty industry. The main purpose of this website is to inform consumers about the benefits and drawbacks of hair care products, empowering them to make informed decisions at the cash register.

Please note that a few members of our editorial team have employers who manufacture hair care products and offer hair care solutions. We’re committed to keeping the content on as informative and nonbiased as possible, but potential conflicts of interest do exist. We believe it’s only fair to make you aware of this.

What we do

To ensure you receive the latest, most accurate information on hair care, our editorial team does the following:

  • Study  industry news and trade publications—Due to the fact that some members of our editorial team are employed by industry-related firms, we have exclusive access to publications most consumers never see. This gives us exclusive insight into the latest industry news and trends, allowing us to pass this information on to you.
  • Identify industry trends—At, we’re committed to identifying and sharing the latest industry trends with our readers. From new ingredients to the latest hair care studies, is your source for the inside scoop on the hair care industry.
  • Attend a variety of industry events—Industry events are a great venue for sharing information on new products and the future of the hair care industry. We work tirelessly to pass this information on to you, our reader.
  • Perform constant online research—Every day, members of our editorial team search the internet for the latest consumer opinions and reviews of hair care products. From the message boards to the blogs, we stay in tune with what you care about most.

Questions? Let us know!

If you have any questions about who we are, what we do, or the information we provide, contact us today! We do our best to respond quickly with informative answers.

About this website

At, we’re committed to providing you with relevant, accurate information. All of our content is free to access, and we’re constantly updating this website.

  • Our goal—The ultimate purpose of this website is to provide you with accurate, useful information that empowers you as a consumer to improve your life. If you have suggestions for improving our website, contact us today to let us know.
  • How we make money—To pay for the costs of hosting and website maintenance, this website generates revenue through advertising. Any time you click on an ad, we make a small amount of money. It’s just enough to keep this website going and the best it can be.
  • About our articles—All content on this website is written to give you the most accurate and most useful information possible. However, we do have strong feelings about many issues, so these opinions can color our writing. At the end of the day, you need to decide if the information is useful to you.
  • Sponsored ads—If you click on an ad that says, “Sponsored Ads” or “Ads by___,” this is content that is NOT controlled by clicking on these ads takes you to websites we are NOT affiliated with.

If you have any questions about this website, please contact us today.

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