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If you have naturally curly hair then you know it's not only different in appearance but it must be cared for differently. This is especially true because curly hair tends to be more dry and brittle than naturally straight hair. Here are a few curly hair tips you can use to enhance your curly hair care regimen.

Curly Hair Moisturizing Tips

  • At least once a month, use a hair repair product like H2 Thermal to re-moisturize your hair, especially at the ends. You can do this up to twice a weeks if you have serious split ends.

  • Use a moisturizing styling cream in order to protect your hair from frizzing. It's best to apply moisturizer while your hair is still slightly wet. For equal distribution, use your fingers to apply the cream one section at a time.

Curly Hair Tips for Styling

  1. Use a wide-tooth comb instead of brushes or combs with narrow teeth. Using wide-tooth combs decreases the likelihood of frizzing and unwanted breakage.
  2. If you want to straighten your hair, then use an ionic flat iron so you won't burn your hair.
  3. If you can, choose lengths that are below the shoulders. Curly hair just looks better longer as opposed to shorter.

Detangling Curly Hair

It's best to detangle your hair in the shower while it's still wet and after it's been conditioned. Begin detangling with your fingers and complete the job with a wide-tooth comb. Be sure to start and the end and move up to the roots as you detangle.

Tips for Shampooing & Conditioning Curly Hair

  1. Shampoo your hair a maximum of once weekly with a shampoo that is made especially for curly hair. Anything more will over-dry your hair and make it prone to frizziness.
  2. Allow your hair to air-dry in order to prevent frizzing. To quickly dry your hair, blot it with a towel.
  3. Avoid brushing wet hair or rubbing it with a towel.
  4. Re-moisturize your hair with a conditioner after each shampoo.
  5. Apply a leave-in conditioner such as H2 Thermal approximately once a week.

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