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Damaged hair repair – what to do?

Jessica Mitchell answers select hair questions submitted by our readers.

Question: I have the worst trouble with damaged hair. I have had numerous chemical treatments over the last two years (mostly straightening and color) and now I have seriously damaged hair. I have severe split ends. My hair is dull and not at all shiny. Recently my hair has become brittle and started breaking very easily. I’m terrified! One of my friends told me about a hair repair product called H2 Thermal. She swears by it. Can you tell me more about this product and if it works?

Answer: H2 Thermal is a thermal-activated hair repair product. That means that, in order to heal damaged hair, you must use a heat source, like a hair dryer or a flat iron, to activate H2 Thermal. The manufacturers of H2 Thermal explain the way their product heals damaged hair like this:

First, H2 Thermal contains moisturizers that are chemically identical to sebum (the oily compound your body uses to moisturize and waterproof your hair and skin). These moisturizers are derived from jojoba harvested only in the Sonoran desert, which has the closest profile to the body’s own moisturizers.

When you apply heat, these moisturizers are liquefied. Because your hair recognizes them as its own natural moisturizer, it soaks them up almost immediately. If your hair is badly damaged, this is like a rainstorm falling on a parched desert. Your hair will literally drink in this moisture. That helps to heal the brittleness that leads to hair breakage.

In order to understand this step, you have to know that damaged hair has a certain molecular profile. The places where the hair shaft is damaged have a positive electrical charge. H2 Thermal contains negatively-charged ions that bond with the broken parts of the hair shaft. This has the effect of sealing over the microscopic fractures in the hair shaft, sealing in the moisture. It also helps strengthen the hair shaft and give your hair that glossy shine we associate with healthy hair.

According to the manufacturers of H2 Thermal, their product was developed specifically to heal chemical damage caused by perms, relaxers and coloration. H2 Thermal is safe to use on treated (permed or colored) hair.

H2 Thermal has a big following in Florida, especially in South Beach and the Gold Coast. Spending a week on the beach, climbing in and out of the pool, can cause severe hair damage. In many of the high-end salons along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, you can get an H2 Thermal treatment, but expect to pay between $50-$125! It’s a much better deal to order a bottle of H2 Thermal online. You can get 30-40 treatments per bottle.

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