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Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump

Rated: 9.2 out of 10
by EverythingHair

best hair care Developed by renowned stylist and beauty expert, Frederic Fekkai, the Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump is but one treatment in the long line of products which comprise the Frederic Fekkai collection. The All-Day Hair Plump is designed to function as a leave-in treatment that thickens and re-texturizes the hair. According to its makers, the Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump is ideal for individuals whose hair has been damaged, dried, or made dull due to the influence of harsh environmental elements or heat-styling.

Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump Benefits

Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair PlumpAccording to Frederic Fekkai, the claimed success of the All-Day Hair Plump treatment lies in its ability to reinforce the cuticle through bio-conditioning while repairing damaged hair. The end result is believed to lead to increased hair strength. Plus, the makers claim the Frederic Fekkai All- Day Hair Plump lives up to its name by providing a steady concentration of moisture throughout the day.

Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump Cost

The Frederic Fekkai company does not allow for purchases to be made from their main website. However, the many Frederic Fekkai products can be found in retail outlets both online and offline. This, inevitably, means higher prices for consumers as the retailers need to make a profit and pass the cost on to the customer. A 3.4 oz bottle of Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump can be purchased online for $95. 

Does Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump Work?

Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump comes with a high price tag; probably because it’s widely used in many of high-end salons across the nation. While this may be the case, we aren’t sure the $95 price tag provides the end-user with any real value. Unlike today’s most effective hair repair treatments, Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump does not employ heat activation in its formula. The lack of this technology leaves much to be desired as heat activation allows for active ingredients to be locked into damaged hair can be effectively treated internally and externally.

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