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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

How to you get rid of frizzy hair? Moisturize! Your dry frizzy hair is starving for moisture. Unfortunately, the things you do to your hair (washing, drying, styling and coloring) strip your hair of its natural moisture. So one way to get rid of your frizzy hair is to stop all that styling (or stop a little of it).

Styling tips to get rid of frizzy hair

Here's how to do it: Start shampooing every other day as opposed to every day. This will give your hair's natural oils a chance to build back up while reducing the amount of moisture that gets stripped from the hair from shampoo. If you use a harsh heat styler like a flat iron, try to "do" your hair only a few times a week; again, this will help restore your hair's natural oils while taking away the very thing that made your hair dry in the first place.

If you just have to style every day, you can help repair your hair by using a heat-activated leave-in conditioner such as H2 Thermal. You can also infuse your hair with moisture by using a hair damage treatment every week or by trying some home remedies for dry hair, such as applying a real mayonnaise "mask" to your hair.

Other things you can do to get rid of frizzy hair include limiting your styling products to a few favorites or using products with natural ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals, rinsing your hair with the coldest water possible, as this will help seal the follicle and keep your hair shiny and sleek, and staying out of the sun as much as possible, as the sun can dry out your hair just as much as it can your skin.

How to get rid of humidity frizzies

For humidity-induced frizzies, which we all have from time to time (curly-haired girls have it the worst), the absolute best thing to use is a thermal-activated ionic hair repair treatment like H2 Thermal because it seals moisture into the hair and locks humidity out, leaving your hair safe from humidity and saturated with moisture.

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