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Tips for Frizzy Hair

Because so many different things can be causing your frizzy hair, before conquering the frizz you first have to pinpoint what's causing your frizz. If you have curly hair, your hair may be frizzy by definition (but can be tamed). Other causes of frizzy hair are over-styling, too many hair products (or not using the right hair products), and/or damage caused by heat styling, chlorine or the sun.

Tips for Frizzy Hair: Humidity

If you have curly frizzy hair, one of your biggest enemies is probably humidity. One easy way to help humidity from getting to your hair is to make sure you don't leave the house (and enter the humid outdoors) while your hair is still wet. Even blow drying your hair for a minute on low (head flipped, while scrunching curls) will help your hair to dry a lot faster than it would on its own. Another thing you can do is try a product like H2 Thermal, a heat activated product that seals in moisture while locking out humidity.

Styling Tips for Frizzy Hair

Products to try are anti-frizz gels like H2 Thermal and shampoos and conditioners made specifically for curly hair. You should also try to wash your hair every other day, as opposed to every day - which, if you've read some of the other articles on this site, you'll notice is one of our favorite tips. What you do is condition and style every day as usual, just skip the shampoo.

If your hair is frizzy because of chemical damage and over-styling you should do two things. One, invest in a good hair damage treatment and make it a permanent part of your beauty routine. Two, try to tone down the styling a bit! If you blow dry your hair, get a diffuser attachment and stick to the low setting on your hairdryer. If your straighten your hair, try to keep the style for a couple of days, rather than applying the straightening iron to your hair every day. Use a heat-activated product especially formulated to work with your heat-styler, like H2 Thermal.

Curly Frizzy Hair Tips

One last thing, curl girls, as if we have to say it: Don't brush your hair! Ever, at all. Get yourself a wide-tooth comb and comb your hair while it's wet (you may want to comb the conditioner through in the shower to help with tangles). Brushing while wet will break your hair, and brushing while dry is a curly hair sin.

Styling Products for Frizzy Hair

And now onto hair products. A lot of hair products are drying and damaging, containing waxy materials that build up in your hair, making hair dull and frizzy. Try to use natural products with ingredients like Jojoba and Shea Butter, which will nourish your hair and help keep it healthy and frizz free. Or use products light enough to leave in, like H2 Thermal.

Universal tips for frizzy hair

  • End your shower with the coldest water possible. Cold water locks the follicle, which keeps the hair sleeker and shinier.
  • Unless your hair is thin, use a good leave-in conditioner every day. If your hair is thin, use a deep conditioner and rinse it very well.
  • To decrease sun damage, use a shampoo with a built-in SPF.
  • Get your hair trimmed every 2 to 3 months. This will help weed out dead and split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.
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