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Nexus Emergencee

Rated: 9.2 out of 10
by EverythingHair

best hair careDeveloped by the Alberto-Culver Company, Nexus Emergencee was created to function as a remedy for hair that has been damaged by heat-styling, chemical processing, other styling techniques proven to be detrimental to hair health. According to its manufacturers, Nexus Emergencee works to smooth damaged cuticles and reduce hair breakage when used in conjunction with the company’s patented shampoo and separate conditioner.

Nexus Emergencee Benefits

Nexus EmergenceeAccording to the Alberto-Culver Company, the primary benefits of Nexus Emergencee lie in its ability to improve the strength and manageability of damaged hair. The makers claim to accomplish this feat by utilizing a blend of amino acids, elastins, polymers, and collagen to all help decrease the amount of hair breakage and deliver renewed integrity to strands that have been weakened. For best results, the Alberto-Culver Company recommends Nexus Emergencee be used once every tow weeks.

Nexus Emergencee Cost

Nexus Emergencee cannot be purchased through the Alberto-Culver Company’s official website. Instead, interested buyers have to find an online or offline retailer who carries the product. The list price for a 500ml bottle of Nexus Emergencee is $64.99, but most online retailers advertise this and smaller sizes from $13.00 to $56.00. Salon prices may be even more expensive. Plus, since the Alberto-Culver Company does not all purchases directly from their site, no auto-ship program is available.

Does Nexus Emergencee Work?

Nexus Emergencee may have an okay blend of ingredients, but its lack of heat activation leaves much to be desired. It’s no secret that the most effect hair repair treatments on the market are heat-activated as this process helps to seal in the active ingredients so each lock treated is affected both internally and externally. If you’re plagued with dry, frizzy hair or are bothered by split ends and damaged hair, then you’ll find products on the market that are much more effective than Nexus Emergencee.

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