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Redken Extreme Iron Repair

Rated: 9.3 out of 10
by EverythingHair

best hair careDeveloped by a New-York based company known as Redken, Redken Extreme Iron Repair is one product among a host of hair care solutions they promote. As a lightweight, heat-activated lotion, Redken Extreme Iron Repair is believed to be most effective for reinforcing and restructuring hair that has been dulled or distressed by chemical damage or improper styling techniques.

Redken Extreme Iron Repair Benefits

According to its makers, the primary benefits of Redken Extreme Iron Repair lie in its ability to protect hair from the severe damage associated with heat-styling while strengthening hair fibers both internally and externally. The claimed success of Redken Extreme Iron Repair is attributed to the inclusion of its main ingredient, Xylose. Xylose is a sugar that is believed to help enhance the integrity of hair and restore is to a beautiful shine when it breaks down at high temperatures.

Redken Extreme Iron Repair Cost

Redken Extreme Iron Repair is primarily available for purchase on line. One 5.0 oz bottle can be secure for about $14. Redken products can also be purchased in salons, but they may cost a lot more there. Plus, the company doesn’t offer an auto-ship program, so a one-time purchase can easily be made. However, don’t expect any discounts or special offers for purchasing multiple bottles or other products in the Redken collection because they don’t seem to be available anywhere online.

Does Redken Extreme Iron Repair Work?

Because it is heat-activated, Redken Extreme Iron Repair seems to have at least one good thing going for it as the most effective damaged hair treatments on the markets utilize this technology. However, we’d like to see Redken offer their own products from their own website so they can pass some savings on to their customers. The fact that Redken Extreme Iron Repair is only available in salons or through health and beauty stores means that prices can easily be inflated at the customer’s expense.

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