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best hair careHair care products are a huge business, responsible for tens of millions of dollars of sales every year. Literally thousands of companies are competing for your hard-earned money. Many hair care products don’t work quite as well as the label tells you.

If you try every hair care product on store shelves, it will take you years to find the products that work best for you.

Let us help. We’ve tried hundreds of hair care products, so you don’t have to. Check out the top-recommended products and see what works best for real people like you.

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H2 Thermal review

H2 Thermal
Thermal Activated
Hair Repair

 Detailed Review


Kerastase Resistance

Kerastase Resistance

 Detailed Review
3 Redken

Extreme Iron Repair

hair loss treatment Detailed Review
4 Nexus


 Detailed Review
5 Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump  Detailed Review
6 Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Restorative Hair Treatment

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7 Terax

Hair Care

 Detailed Review

Repair Damaged Hair

The products listed on our chart are marketed as formulas that work to repair damaged hair. As a result of chemical build-up, over-processing, and excessive heat styling, hair can easily become thin, broken, and split. Men and women who desire healthy hair with a voluminous and shiny appearance are often interested in purchasing a hair restoration product. Many options are available, but not all of these hair repair formulas are equal in terms of safety and effectiveness. Selecting the right product for repairing damaged hair is essential if you want real results.

Hair Repair Products

The seven hair repair products listed on our chart are composed of varying ingredients and are designed to work in several different ways. Some of these formulas are heat-activated, meaning that they are sealed into the hair shaft through the use of a blow dryer. Others are applied to the hair as leave-in treatments that provide conditioning and moisturizing throughout the day. Our testers have found that the heat-activated hair repair formulas are superior to the leave-in conditioner preparations.

The products that we reviewed also differ in terms of price and product guarantee. Our top rated product, H2 Thermal Hair Repair, offers a free trial to consumers. However, some of the lower-rated products on our chart perform poorly and do not deliver value for the cost.

H2 Thermal Hair Repair

H2 Thermal Hair Repair, a product that utilizes ionic technology to mend damaged hair shafts and restore vitality, received perfect reviews in all of our chart categories. H2 Thermal is formulated with natural botanical ingredients that heal the damaged proteins of the hair follicles and protect against further splitting and breakage. When sealed into the hair shaft through heat activation, the ionic compounds contained in H2 Thermal are able to deeply penetrate the strands, unlike other products that only work on a surface level.

H2 Thermal Hair Repair is excellent in terms of effectiveness, safety, and customer service. Consumers who order this product are able to receive a free trial that requires only a small shipping and handling charge. H2 Thermal is highly recommended for those in need of hair repair.

Redken Extreme Iron Repair

Redken Extreme Iron Repair, also a heat-activated formula, does not measure up to the high performance standards of H2 Thermal. This product functions as a lotion that is applied to damaged hair and sealed into the follicles with a blow dryer. Redken Extreme Iron Repair is formulated with Xylose, a type of sugar that is thought to be somewhat effective in strengthening dry, brittle, and broken strands of hair.

The most significant downside to purchasing Redken Extreme Iron Repair is the fact that the product is not highly affordable online or in stores. The manufacturers of this hair repair formula do not offer free trials or bulk discounts to customers. In comparison with H2 Thermal, Redken Extreme Iron Repair is neither cost-effective nor impressive in performance.

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment, formulated with Ojon Oil, is a deep-conditioning product that is combed through the hair and designed to repair damaged strands without the use of heat activation. Ojon Oil is composed of fatty acids, omega-3, and omega-6, all of which are promoted as beneficial and essential for restoring hair to a healthy state.

On our ratings chart, Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment falls short of H2 Thermal Repair in every category, and does not receive an overall high score. Because Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is not a heat-activated product, the formula is not able to penetrate the interior of the hair shaft in an effective manner. Additionally, a free trial of this product is not available.